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Cognitive Processing Therapy (Trauma Therapy)

Have you experienced trauma that seems to have a persistent grip on your life? Do you find yourself grappling with thoughts like 'I'm not worthy,' 'I'll never find love,' 'I'll always be alone,' 'Nothing is safe,' 'I can't trust anyone,' and more? These thoughts can feel like a daily replay, keeping you ensnared in the aftermath of trauma.

For some individuals, the impact of trauma goes beyond thoughts. It can manifest as overwhelming memories and intrusive thoughts that disrupt your daily life. You might experience nightmares, struggle to sleep, find it challenging to trust others, feel a constant sense of unease, have difficulty concentrating, or encounter other symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

When these symptoms arise, it's natural to want to push them away. However, this avoidance can inadvertently hinder your recovery. Avoidance can often take the form of behaviors such as aggression, passive-aggressiveness, substance use, binge-eating or purging, emotional suppression or numbing, dissociation, ignoring distressing thoughts, physical or somatic complaints, or withdrawing from social interactions.

The time has come to confront your trauma and break free from the cycle of avoidance. It's through facing these challenges that true healing and recovery can begin.

If you are interested in starting cognitive processing therapy, please reach out via email or phone to set up an intake appointment to explore if you are a good fit for individual or group therapy.

Group CPT is Thursdays 2pm-3:30pm Eastern Time (11am-12:30pm Pacific/1pm-2:30pm Central Time). This group is closed and a new group will begin May 2nd, 2024.

Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT): About Me

The Process of CPT Group

Benefits of group therapy includes cost effectiveness. If you choose to do individual therapy, the cost is per session.

45 minute session  - $100

The Intake

This will be an individual appointment to explore symptoms and appropriateness for group.

12 weeks - $700 for all 12 weeks (less than $60/session)


The group will convene on Thursdays at 11am Pacific Time/1pm Central Time/2pm Eastern Time. Group will last 90 minutes. This is a closed group with maximum of 8 participants per group rotation.

Next group starts June 15th, 2023. 

45 minute check ins following group - $100

Check in/follow up

The aftercare of check in appointments is optional. They are typically scheduled 3 months, 6 months, and a year following group. These are done individually not in a group setting.

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