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20 Journal Prompts to Help Manage Anxiety

Journaling can be an effective tool to help track moods, thoughts, and feelings from day to day or even week to week. It can be a way for us to process what we are going through and learn more about ourselves, recognize our triggers, and learn to manage them. However, getting started with journaling can be overwhelming and leave us with a sense of not knowing where to start. One thing that can help is utilizing journal prompts. Below are 20 examples of journal prompts to explore and manage your anxiety.

1. What does my anxiety sound, look, and feel like to me?

2. What is my first thought when I wake up in the morning?

3. Today, I am grateful for…

4. The one thing I wish I could change is…

5. One thing I love about myself is….

6. What ways has my anxiety held me back?

7. Write a letter to your past self.

8. Create a list of things that you do that create calm and soothe your anxiety.

9. One thing I need to let go of is…

10. Some of my anxiety triggers include…

11. What are three things that scare you? Why?

12. What do I look forward to every single day?

13. What are the signs before anxiety hits?

14. When was a time that you failed at something? What did you learn from that experience?

15. I do not need to have all the answers right now. Today, I can give myself permission to not know…

16. Write a letter to your inner critic

17. One small thing I can change about my day is…

18. Write a letter to the childhood you.

19. I recognize that there are things in my life I cannot control. Right now I need to accept that …. is out of my control.

20. What is the worst-case scenario? How will that impact me in a week, a month, or a year?

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