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National Prevention Week (May 7-13)

Prevention is about working to stop or reduce an action or behavior. Prevention is also about promoting positive action and behavior. There are various types of prevention including primary prevention, secondary prevention, and tertiary

Primary prevention includes activities that are directed at the general population and work to stop maltreatment before it occurs. This benefits all members of society and focuses on awareness for the general public, service providers, and decision makers. Approaches to primary prevention includes public service announcements, educational programs and support groups, family support groups, and public awareness campaigns.

Secondary prevention focuses on high risk populations. This may include targeting groups of people who are at have risk factors but may not have led to the behaviors. This may include minority groups, certain ages, certain race concerns, those who are homeless, or any population that may have a greater risk.

Tertiary prevention focuses on families and individuals who are already struggling with negative behaviors and is aimed at reducing the negative consequences and prevent recurrence. This can include treatment programs, mentorship programs, family support programs. And other mental health services.

Prevention has proven to be essential for healthcare, but continue to be underutilized in the United States. Many preventative services get overlooked for patients because of cost, time, and resource constraints on providers.

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